Retail - Security in AWS

Definition & Performing Traffic Analysis SAP Migration on-prem to AWS Cloud

Company Overview

The customer is one of the leading provider of eye-wear and corresponding optician services in Europe. With a total of approx. 22.000 employees the customer is operating 850 branches in Germany & Europe. Besides the operation of optician specialized shops the customer also manufactures his own products for its end customers. 

Initial Situation & Project Goals

The customer operates most of his  IT infrastructure, services & workload on-prem. Due to EOL (End-of-Life) of his SAP infrastructure the customer would like to take the step towards the cloud.

To ensure a smooth transition & a fully functional SAP landscape the customer would like to perform a traffic analysis to identify the needed AWS security groups/policies (grant/deny) for the migration of the on-prem SAP environment towards the AWS cloud.

Proposed Solution

The following solution was implemented in the customer environment:

  • Configuration & Deployment of log system on customers end to perform the data analysis
  • Rollout of several network sensors (SPLUNK / Flowdata)
  • Capturing, storing & analysing the network traffic (several month)
  • build a corresponding dashboard to have a comprehensive overview of all network communication from & to all SAP instances within the customer network
  • Documentation


The proposed solution was build successfully and the customer was able establish the right security groups/policies. The SAP migration was performed without any issues in terms of access security. 

Further Information

This project was realized in cooperation with our partner DoIT in Darmstadt.

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