Financial Service Provider - Security in AWS

Design & Implementing Monitoring Solution in AWS

Company Overview

The customer was a German payment processor and financial service provider. With a total of over 5.000 employees the company offered worldwide services such as payment transactions services, risk management services and issued virtual/physical cards.   

Initial Situation & Project Goals

The customer operates a large amount of his IT infrastructure, services & workload in the AWS cloud. Especially in the finance branch – due to a wide variety of regulations – having an appropiated monitoring & reporting solution in place is a crucial step to ensure compliance.

Therefore the customer intended to build up an appropriate solution which’ll fit their needs. Besides the requirement to have a high availability in place, the solution should also offer a flexible & fast way to be scalable.

Proposed Solution

The following approach was designed to met the goals of the customer:

  • Establish a cluster in the APAC region
  • Usage of available cloud functions to increase scalability & availability (initial size of log volume (cluster): 240 GB per day)
  • Availability: implementation of 3 additional AZ’s (Availability Zones)
  • Implementation of Monitoring smart store functionalities to store large amount of data („cold“) in S3
  • Implementation of local EBS storage for indexing purposes to increase performance and to provide needed data „hot“ (up to 3 months)

The Monitoring Solution was designed as follows:

  • Single systems:

    • Cluster Master
    • Deployer
    • Deployment Server
    • Deployment Server Forwarder
    • Monitoring Console
    • Input Server

  • Cluster systems (distributed over 3 AZ’s)
    • Searchhead Cluster (3 instances)
    • Indexer Multisite Cluster

Further topics:

  • Design of naming convention
  • Design HA of systems & data availability in order to have an auto-recovery in place if one AZ is failing


The proposed solution build the foundation of a reliable and scalable monitoring & reporting solution which is also future-proof. 

Further Information

This project was realized in cooperation with our partner DoIT in Darmstadt.

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